TAFONIUS IS a new, state-of-the-art large animal ventilator that has arisen from a joint co-operation between Hallowell EMC and Vetronic Services LTD.

Designed for the demanding veterinary environment, 
Tafonius has no need for a driving gas supply and has an un-interrruptable power supply that means it can continue running for up to 6 hours in the event of a power failure - that’s all your monitoring and ventilation with no interruption. 
Controlled via a large 15“ touch-screen computer the ventilator is easy to set up and control. There is feedback on ventilation parameters as well as full patient monitoring giving you more control than you have ever had before. Patient data is recorded for later retrieval and the advanced Windows(TM) software allows you to create profiles for different people or patients that allow you to set the machine up just the way you like it.
Large animal ventilation has never been so versatile.

Tafonius has been in development for many years, and has been shown at previous events such as the British Equine Veterinary Association (BEVA).

Key Features of the TAFONIUS 


  • 20L maximum tidal volume capacity
  • No pressurised gas required
  • Independent control of Tidal Volume, Inspiratory time and Respiratory rate
  • Reported values for Minute Volume, Inspiratory flow rate, Expiratory time and I:E ratio
  • Servo mode for spontaneously breathing patients, prior to IPPV
  • Adjustable FiO2 
  • Adjustable CPAP


  • Closed circle system with 3kg CO2 absosber
  • 0-10L/minute Oxygen control
  • Selectatec system for easy agent change
  • Supports Halothane, Isoflurane, Sevoflurane, Desflurane and Enflurane
  • Active or passive scavenging facility
  • Oxygen flush


  • Single Lead ECG
  • End-tidal and Inspired CO2.
  • Inspired/Expired Oxygen levels.
  • Inspired/Expired anaesthetic agent concentration for 5 agents.                                     
  • Nitrous oxide 
  • Pulse-Oximetry
  • Invasive Blood pressure
  • Airway pressure 

Technical Specifications


  • Integrated ventilator, anaesthesia machine and monitoring system
  • Easy control by a 15“ touch-screen computer
  • Fully portable with large 8” wheels for maximum stability
  • Needs no pressurised driving gas
  • Mains powered with un-interruptable battery back up 
  • Will run for 6 hours on battery backup
  • Move with the horse between surgery and MRI
  • Full control over ventilation parameters
  • Stainless steel construction

Computer Interface

  • Display - 15" touch screen, resistive technology
  • Processor - 1 Ghz
  • Memory - 512MB
  • HDD - 30GB

Gas Inputs/Outputs

  • Oxygen - Piped gases or E cylinders (max 2)
  • Nitrous Oxide - Optional piped gas
  • Air - From environment and internally blended
  • Scavenging - Active (flow controlled) or passive


  • Tidal Volume - Maximum 20L, minimum 20ml
  • Flow Rate - Maximum 1000L/minute
  • Ventilation Rate - Maximum 30, minimum 2 (IPPV mode)
  • Maximum Working Pressure - 80cm H2O
  • Volatile Agents Supported - All common agents using Selectatec mounts


  • ECG - Single channel +/- 10mV
  • IBP - Single channel, systolic/diastolic/MAP
  • Pulse-oximetry - Single channel, transmission and reflectance probes available
  • Volatile agents - Inspired and expired values for: isoflurane, halothane, sevoflurane, desflurane, enflurane
  • Capnography - Single channel expired/inspired values (%mmHg or kPa)
  • Oxygen - Inspired/expired values (mmHg)
  • Nitrous Oxide - Inspired/expired values (mmHg)
  • Temperature - Two channels. Absolute and Delta (T1-T2) readings
  • Airway Pressire - Continuous display (cm H2O)

Data Recording

  • Full data recording of all physiological parameters
  • Optional trend data logging of all physiological parameters
  • Event data logging
  • User presets are recorded and re-usable


  • Tafonius is constructed using a stainless steel chassis and is placed on 4 large 8" wheels to ensure ease of use when manouvering the unit.
  • The ventilator is designed for ease of cleaning and for rapid changes of soda lime. Changing the soda lime is a simple 2-minute task.
  • Size - 72 x 36 x 33"
  • Weight - 140kg fully fitted
  • Construction Material - Powder-coated stainless steel
  • Wheels - 8-inch pneumatic


  • Mains/Battery
  • Tafonius is a fully portable system. The ventilator will run on mains electricity from a universal (90-250v 50/60Hz) input. When plugged into the mains the internal batteries are kept constantly charged so that in the event of a power cut there is no loss of function whatsoever. The ventilator can be run on the battery system for over 6 hours before recharging is necessary.
  • Power Input - 90-240v AC 50/60Hz
  • Power Consumption - 400w
  • Operational Voltage - 12/24v DC sealed lead-acid (SLA) batteries
  • Auxiliary Outputs - 4 x mains supply outlets (fused)
  • Battery charging - In-built lead-acid chargers at max 5A charge

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