Sentinel Blood Pressure Monitor

THE SENTINEL Blood Pressure unit is a new concept in blood pressure monitoring. 

The unique idea is to have each type of monitoring method available in one unit so that the appropriate module can be used according to clinical requirements. 
For example a critical care patient may be monitored using a direct blood pressure module and that same patient may be subsequently monitored in kennels or during a consultation using the NIBP or Doppler module. Equally, having a Doppler module for monitoring avian, reptile or other exotic species where conventional pulse-monitoring techniques are difficult or unreliable means that the Sentinel unit will find use across the broad range of species encountered. 
The modular nature of Sentinel offers a cost-effective way of addressing your varied blood pressure monitoring needs at a reduced cost compared to buying separate units. 
An additional feature of Sentinel is that there is an option to have your results displayed and saved on a computer, via a USB or wireless link. 

Output from the Sentinel monitor is compatible with our VitalMonitor/VitalStore software suite and will simply appear as a new monitoring device on the computer software. 

Key Features of the Sentinel Blood Pressure Monitor 

Main unit:

• Touch Screen interface
• Clear 6" QVGA backlit screen
• Battery or mains powered
• Re-chargeable hi-energy • NiMh batteries 
• Small & lightweight
• Tabletop or cage mountable


• Simple to use
• Veterinary-specific algorithm 
• Automatic or manual measurement modes
• Large animal range 
• On-screen trend-plotting
• Continuous display of cuff pressure
• Motion artefact rejection

Dual IBP:

• Simple to use
• Accurate & reliable 
• Uses Industry standard sensors
• Use to monitor arterial or venous lines
• Clear on-screen BP trace


Module specifications not finalised. Future release

Technical Specifications



NIBP Module:

  • Measurement method: Oscillometric
  • BP Range: Systolic: 40-265mmHg
  • MAP: 27-222mmHg
  • Diastolic: 20-200mmHg
  • Pulse Rate range: 25 to 300bpm
  • Startup Initialisation: 7 seconds
  • Cuff sizes: Neonate#1 (3-6cm) to Neonate#5 (8-15cm)
  • Sampling Modes: Manual
  • Automatic: 1-120 minute intervals
  • Alarms: Systolic High/Low pressure Alarm
  • MAP High/Low pressure alarm

IBP Module:

  • Measurement Method: Direct/Invasive by arterial catheterisation
  • Range: 0-300mmHg, 10 to 600 bpm
  • Accuracy: +/- 1mmHg
  • Modes: Pulsatile (arterial line)
  • Static (CVP, CSF pressure)
  • Sensor: Industry standard 5uV/V/mmHg excitation
  • Alarms: Heart rate High/Low alarm
  • Systolic Pressure High/Low alarm


  • Size: 200mm x 150mm x 70mm
  • Weight: kg (All options fitted)
  • Power: Internal NimH battery pack 2.7Ah capacity
  • : 10v, 20W DC, universal input mains charger
  • USB: 2.0 compliant USB B connector for direct PC connection


  • Enhanced Bluetooth 2.4Ghz link to remote PC.
  • Free Line of Sight Range: 200m
  • Indoor range: ~ 50m depending on partition/wall construction.



Optional mounting bracket for cage, wall or table-top



The unit uses re-chargeable internal NimH batteries that give up to 8 hours continuous use between charges.


  • Universal input (90-230v 50/60 Hz) AC charger supplied
  • 2.7Ah Internal NimH Batteries
  • Unit drain current (average) = 300mA at 10V DC

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