Sapphire Plus

THE SAPPHIRE Plus ECG system is a 6-lead wireless system designed for the remote continuous monitoring and diagnostic investigation of animals

From a small key-fob size transmitter worn by the animal, ECG data is sent to a central PC or laptop for immediate display, measurement and analysis.

The Sapphire ECG system is ideal for

  • Ambulatory ECG monitoring
  • Monitoring during post-operative recovery
  • Continuous undisturbed monitoring e.g. Colics
  • Standard cardiac investigation and workup
  • Treadmill monitoring

The Sapphire Plus ECG system is part of a comprehensive monitoring system for animals and forms just one of the modules that can be added to the VitalMonitor and VitalStore programs. Together, VitalMonitor and VitalStore, form a monitoring and diagnostic package that allows full, simultaneous data recording from multiple devices and multiple patients. A true multi-parameter, multi-patient system. Recorded data can be reviewed, measured and printed as part of an ECG diagnostic investigation or e-mailed to a cardiologist for further review. The Extended View screen allows a review of hours of data in just minutes. The light weight and long range capabilities of Sapphire Plus make it suitable for the investigation of patient collapse or for use on a dry or water treadmill. 
Sapphire plus offers more features and capabilities than a standard ECG machine and yet comes in a unit the size of a match box and weighing less than 50g.

Key Features of the Sapphire Plus 

  • A fully diagnostic 6-lead ECG machine weighing 50g
  • Uses latest Bluetooth technology for secure un-interrupted data transmission
  • Extensive range – up to 250m open air range
  • Uses a re-chargeable or standard AAA battery
  • Comes with the comprehensive Vetronic Services monitoring software suite
  • Simultaneous display of all leads
  • USB Powered receiver

Technical Specifications


  • Transmitter frequency: 2.4GHz Bluetooth standard with frequency hopping
  • Country compatibility: Worldwide compatibility 
  • Transmitter Range: 0-250m open air/Line-of-Sight. Up to 50m in buildings
  • Power source: single AAA battery. Alkaline, NiMh or NiCad 1.5v
  • Battery life: 8-16 hours continuous use, depending on range and battery type


  • Transmitter size: 75mm x 45mm x 18mm
  • Transmitter weight: 50g


  • ECG
  • 6-channel – Leads I, II, III, aVR, aVL and aVF
  • ECG amplifier range: +/- 5mV
  • Heart Rates supported: 10 to 600bpm
  • Lead Termination: 4mm banana or medical stud (popper) connectors 
  • Sensors: Skin electrodes

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