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Wildlife Vets International Next Project

Vetronic Services are delighted to have recently supported the W.V.I Raptor Rehabilitation Programme.

This programme will incorporate work in India, Bulgaria and South Africa which will aim to improve rehabilitation techniques for birds of prey that have suffered persecution, both directly and indirectly.

In order to achieve high survival rates, W.V.I and partners are training vets and rehabilitation staff in pre and post-surgical treatment of the birds as well as surgical techniques.

Vetronic Services has been involved with support for Wildlife Vets International for over 10 years, providing equipment for several of their projects. They work tirelessly to raise funds and get involved in all sorts of activities, such as a recent Muddy Obstacle Race and a bike ride from London to Brighton on the 17th September 2017.

Please visit wildlifevetsinternational.org to learn more about this amazing charity.

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