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Vetronic Services inaugural CPD day proves to be a success

Vetronic Services CPD Day January 20th 2018 at the Devon Hotel, Exeter

Vetronic Services CPD day proved a hit with attending delegates and breaks new ground with CO2 simulation

On January 20th this year Vetronic Services hosted a CPD day for vets and nurses on the subject of ventilation and monitoring. The subjects of ventilation and monitoring are closely intertwined and a full day was dedicated to the subjects of capnography, dead space, anaesthetic circuits and mechanical ventilation to allow delegates to develop a full understanding of this complex subject.
The event was held at the Devon Hotel in Exeter and consisted of 5 talks presented by Vetronic Services managing director, Keith Simpson. The talks occupied the morning and were followed in the afternoon by a session of hands-on practicals using the Vetronic Merlin and SAV04 small animal ventilators. A new highlight to this practical session was the use of simulated capnography in dummy patients to mimic real-life patients. Once normocapnia is established with a ventilator, changes in tidal volume, respiratory rate and dead space all lead to the expected changes in end-tidal CO2 and waveforms. During the session the topics of hyper and hypocapnia were explored as well as the effect of dead space and variations in minute volume ventilation.
The Ventilation CPD day proved to be a success with the 40 attending delegates and more events are now planned to take place later in the year at different locations across the country. The next planned CPD day will be held in the Midlands later in the summer.

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